U.S. Senator, NY

Fraud, Criminal Conspiracy, Murder, Racketeering

In the midst of the COVID-19 "pandemic", Schumer took the opportunity to take advantage of the public's fear to sell the "Climate Crisis" as being worse than COVID-19; a classic move for a politician with no scruples. Of course this was used to help pass the $3.5 TRILLION spending bill that was supposed to be for infrastructure.


As people were struggling to get back to work amidst mandatory vaccinations from employers due to Joe Biden's vaccine mandate, Schumer called for a federal crackdown on fake vaccine cards, essentially criminalizing honest hard-working Americans just trying to feed their families. Ultimately this forced many people to take the jab just to work, resulting in countless injuries, permanent disabilities, and deaths.


In true hypocritical fashion, Schumer then voted to exempt himself and other members of congress from Biden's vaccine mandate.


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