John Oliver
Host, "Last Week Tonight" HBO

Fraud, Conspiracy, Murder, Genocide, Accessory to Murder

The former Daily Show contributor and host of the show "John Oliver Tonight" is snarky, entitled, and downright moronic. John likes to fantasize that he is intellectually superior (and some people may be fooled by his British accent), but deep down he's nothing more than another sock-puppet for the globalist banking cartel bent on world depopulation. 

Always ready to do his part to cull the herd,  Oliver has incessantly promoted the jab and ridiculed anyone who chose to exercise bodily autonomy. He attacked NYPD officers who chose not to take the experimental drug as a condition of their employment by stating that they were putting the public at risk by not doing so. He also flat-out lied when he stated that the "vaccines" have not killed anybody and have no effect on pregnancies because the only pregnancy loss was from a mother that was given a placebo.

In another bizarre statement, the arrogant idiot Oliver, attacked parents who didn't want their kids to be forced to wear a mask when attending school while stating that the first major wave of COVID cases in children is mostly in low-vaccinated states, which is a complete lie.

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