Leanna Wen
Medical Analyst, CNN

Fraud, Conspiracy, Treason, Accessory to Murder, Murder, Genocide

Leanna Wen has been a mouthpiece for Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda since the beginning of the scamdemic. She played a major role in the promotion of fear by overstating and flat out lying about Covid-19 cases and deaths throughout her time at CNN. 

Wen constantly pushed for the use of masks on children and healthy people (with no medical data to back up her claims that they were of any use) and later admitted that their use stunted her own son's language development and social skills. She Incessantly promoted the "vaccine" as safe and effective, and ridiculed and shamed anyone who chose to exercise bodily autonomy stating that "the unvaccinated should not be allowed to leave their homes", confusing our God-given rights with the CCP-granted "privileges" of her mother country. 

Nearly three years after the fact, she acknowledged that Covid-19 cases and deaths were overstated by as much as 90% even though her entire fear-mongering campaign was based on the false numbers she was promoting on-air. Wen also served as the former president of Planned Parenthood.




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