Stephen Hahn
Commissioner, FDA

Genocide, Murder, Criminal Conspiracy, Medical Malfeasance

As the head honcho of the FDA, Stephen Hahn is the man who is ultimately responsible for his agency's actions. Whether it was blindly approving the J&J vaccine, but then over a year later temporarily halting its use due to blood clots, or giving the green light to Novavax even though they it knew it caused myocarditis, or "accidentally" losing clinical trial data before approving the jab for toddlers, Hahn and his agency are responsible for millions of deaths and hundreds of millions of injuries.

According to the CDC's VAERS reporting system there have been over 2 million vaccine-related adverse events, including 32,828 deaths. But...

This number represents less than 1% of actual vaccine-related adverse events, according to VAERS personnel. That means the actual numbers are off by a factor of 99, putting the total number of deaths at 3,249,972 and the number of adverse events at over 200,000,000.

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