Rochelle Walenski
Director, CDC (US)

Genocide, Murder, Fraud, Criminal Conspiracy, Economic Sabotage

Rochelle worked directly with Anthony Fauci to suppress alternative therapies such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths. Her unauthorized, unilateral declaration of a rent moratorium forced many home owners into foreclosure, as they were unable to collect the rent needed to pay their mortgages. Her incessant insistence that masks work, staying home saves lives, vaccines are safe and effective, and other such nonsense, had no basis in science and actually contradicted established science. These actions resulted in the unnecessary suffering and injury of millions and the deaths of hundreds of thousands. The economic impact of her actions are incalculable. In addition, her demand that children be vaccinated, and her ignorance of the fact that the jab was damaging the hearts of children makes her an especially heinous criminal.

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